Our Goal

“Naturally connecting the community by creating a positive, memorable experience through business, tourism, the arts, government and council as an example to the world”

    • Energetically building a lively music, performance and arts scene that invigorates the local community
    • Improving historic Port Adelaide’s feature attributes to the broader community
    • Providing access to healthier food and drink options and spaces than bars
    • Implementing and maintaining a unique drinking and eating experience that upholds South  Australia’s high quality standards and expectations in presentation and food excellence
    • Rousing intrigue by virtue of ‘just being’ a cultural community hub for people wanting to connect on a profound and deeper level, discuss politics and ideas safely, and experience an arts space steeped in history and dipped in mystery

We are positioned directly opposite the offices of one of the largest council areas in the state.

We also make the finest tasting coffee in South Australia. Our 100% vegan food is freshly made each morning from whole ingredients, no shortcuts taken using salt, sugar, fat or white flour.

We hope your experience of our deliciously healthy vegan food is an adventure of pure indulgence.

How about some fun facts about Red Lime Shack?

suspended coffees have been redeemed. THANK YOU!
We were voted SA's best veggie burger by the Advertiser.
limes are used to supply our signature raw lime pies each year.
of organic Campos Coffee is consumed by The Port Enfield Council Chambers each year.

The Menu

Often described as ‘the Port community hub’, we take whole food, and
intelligently construct it to energize the body and lift the mind.
Locally sourced, made from scratch, for vibrant people. Food is dairy free and vegan.


Seasonal Fruit Salad (g/f)             $9
+ banana icecream                        $1

A selection of  market-fresh seasonal fruit. A delectable tastebud extravaganza.

Fragrant Shack-Made Muesli (g/f)   $6
+ fresh fruit                                    $3
+ banana icecream                         $1

A deliciously healthy blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, puffed millet,
quinoa flakes, puffed rice, oats, shredded coconut and vanilla beans.

Waffles with banana icecream       $10
+ berry coulis OR maple syrup        $1
OR the lot                                        $2

Freshly made to order, served steaming hot with Shack-made
banana icecream, berry coulis and pure maple syrup.

Five Fruit Toast                               $7
Light and lovely wholewheat bread, crammed with fruits and
thickly sliced bread, served with nut butter and lime marmalade.


Sticky Date Delight                           $6
A warm date-filled muffin served with spiced pecan sauce and freshly whipped banana icecream.

Berry and Coconut Slice (g/f)             $3

Assorted Raw Cakes and Pies (g/f)   $5-$7

Fruit Smoothies

(contains no gluten, soy or dairy)           $8

Frozen berries, bananas, coconut and dates.

BellyRama Banana
Bananas, coconut, dates, and whipped banana icecream.

HardCore Greenie
Handfuls of fresh spinach with seasonal fruit and green vegetables.

Raw cacao, bananas, coconut and dates.

Vanilla bean, bananas, coconut and dates.

Supa Goji
Juicy melon, blueberries, ginger & a scoop of goji berries.


Toasted Whole Wheat Foccacia       $9

Burgers (g/f option +$2)                     $11
Pecan, Sweet Potato and Maple (g/f patty)
Walnut, Sage and Roast Carrot
A basked patty, made on site, served on whole wheat bun
with fresh salad, onion jam, mustard and tangy tahini mayo.

Toasted Roast Vegetable Sandwich (ask for g/f option)  $12
Pumpkin, zucchini and capsicum, with pesto and onion jam
on thick sliced sourdough, served with side salad.

Toasted House Sandwich (ask for g/f)    $12
Fresh tomato, jalapeno, roast capsicum, baby spinach,
onion jam and mustard on thick bread, served with side salad.

HOT POT (g/f options)                   $10-$15
Is it a soup, stew, curry, tagine or something else?
See daily blackboard.

Rice balls and Salad (g/f)               $12.50
Two baked rice balls encrusted with sesame seeds, topped
with tahini mayo and served with fresh daily shack-made salad.

Salads (g/f)                             $6 / $8 / $10
Seasonal, fresh and energising.

Organic Coffees

We use SA Paris Creek organic biodynamic milk.

Regular Size
Espresso                                     $3.20
Macchiato                                    $3.20
Long Black                                   $3.60
Flat White                                    $3.90
Capuccino                                    $3.90
Latte                                              $3.90
Chai Latte                                     $3.90

Large Size  $4.60
Double Shot                                  $4.60
Long Macchiato                              $4.60
Shackiato                                       $4.60
Soy and coconut milk                   .50c

Cold press coffee available

All Organic Teas

Earl Grey, Organic Black, Mint,    $3 Mug / $4 Pot
Green, Maté, Chai

Suspended Coffee                             $3.50
(Coffee remains in suspension for a local disadvantaged community member)

The people who have supported us so far

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Business Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00am – 4:00pm

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